leg powered paddle board

Leg Powered Paddleboard

Leg Powered Paddleboard


Why You Should Invest In A Leg Powered Paddleboard

Over the last few years, paddlesports have been getting a lot of attention. People from all ages are giving this unusual and entertaining sport a try with a leg powered paddleboard.
So what are paddlesports? They’re a water-based recreational activity that involves paddling. Although there are some boats with paddles, most people who engage in this activity use a leg powered paddleboard.
A paddleboard can be an excellent purchase, for a number of different reasons. Here are a few of the many reasons you should give them a try.
1. They Provide An Excellent Workout
When a paddeboard is leg powered, it’s able to work all parts of the body. The upper body gets a great workout, and the legs do as well. It can help anyone get into shape.
Unlike other intense workouts, paddleboarding can be done by people who aren’t already in great shape. It’s very easy on the body.
In addition, it doesn’t feel like a workout! People who get exercise this way simply feel like they’re having a good time. People can workout for hours without getting sick of it.
2. It’s Affordable
A lot of exercise equipment on the market costs a great deal of money. People have to spend a ton to get the equipment they need, or throw away money on a gym membership each month.
While paddleboards certainly aren’t free, they are very reasonably priced. You can get an excellent paddleboard that is leg powered and has everything you need without having to spend a small fortune.
3. They’re Easy To Store
One of the biggest problems associated with buying gear for watersports is having to find a place to store it. The same is true of exercise equipment.
If you buy a paddleboard, you’ll be able to store both kinds of gear very easily. Paddleboards aren’t as large as you might think — they can easily be stored in most homes. In addition, a lot of the boards out there that are leg powered can actually be taken apart, making storage even easier.
If you’ve been looking for equipment like this, but don’t know where you would put it, you don’t need to keep searching any longer. If you get a paddleboard, you’ll be able to workout and spend time on the water without having to obsess over your storage options.
It’s easy to see why paddleboarding has become so popular. After all, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way for people from all walks of life to get a workout.
If you’ve been thinking about getting into paddleboarding, but don’t know where you should start, you should definitely pick up a leg powered paddleboard for yourself. You’ll be able to get into the best shape of your life, and you’ll have a really great time doing it.
If you want to have fun on the water, get more exercise, or do both, a paddleboard is exactly what you want to buy. They really give people what they need to workout in an entertaining way.

Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10.5 Stand Up Paddleboard SUP – Pre-order

leg powered paddleboard The all-new Hobie Mirage Eclipse stand up leg powered paddleboard is taking standup to a whole new level. This incredibly stable board is fun and easy to use for beginners and experienced paddleboarders alike. There’s minimal setup so it’s easy to go from the car to the water. The Mirage Eclipse is the perfect board for someone who wants to take their fitness out of the gym and on to the water. Rudder controls on the handle bars make steering the Eclipse easy and intuitive. The kick-up rudder means you never have to worry about damaging your rudder blade, even when the board is beached. Rear gear tie-downs and bungee means you can take a cooler, crate, or even a livewell with you on your adventures. The Eclipse can easily transform in to a high-performance paddleboard by locking the fin in place and removing the drive and handlebar. Pre-order only. Limited quantities, new orders shipping in September.

• Intuitive, stable, Mirage-powered paddleboard


• Gear tie-downs, kick-up, rudder, and easily adjustable controls make this the perfect board for beginners and experienced paddleboarders


• Steering controls on the handlebar make turning easy


• Mirage drive and handlebar can be removed so the board can be paddled


• Pre-order only. Limited quantities, new orders shipping in September


• Discounts and/or coupons do not apply to this item



Item #: 20923
Length: 10 ft 6 in / 3.2 m
Width: 33.5 in / 85.09 cm
Weight: 54 lb / 24.49 kg
Capacity: 225 lb / 102.06 kg
Hull Type: Displacement
Construction: Composite
Primary Use: Recreational
Material: Composite


Top Question & Answer
Q: Can you use a paddle without the foot pedals also?
A: Yes you can use them without the drive system…

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